Little Giant Condensate Pump Maintenance

The Little Giant VCMA and VCMX Condensate Pump Series  of products are some of the most used pumps for AC as well as Furnace unit.  The pumps requires a regular maintenance and especially are required to be cleaned after regular intervals that should be more or less one year.  Luckily the cleaning and maintenance process for these pumps is very simple.

First of all, you need to unplug it from receptacle and then takeout the plastic tube. There are two screws which are supposed to keep holding the unit in place. Unloose these screws so that you should be able to clean it properly.

Some Little Giant condensate pumps (like the VCMX-20ULST) have features specifically designed for an easier maintenance process. Like the   1/4 turn check valve which allows servicing the pump without removal of tubing. Check our review about this condensate pump if you are interested in this model.

Have a look also at the video included below for more information related to the condensate pump cleaning and maintenance process