Why using a Condensate Pump?

So looks like that you are still wondering why you should install a condensate pump in your house? As we already explained in the other pages of this section the reason is quite simple and it cannot be stressed enough.

You need a condensate pump whenever there is water produced by your AC or furnace system that cannot reach easily your drain system. Period. So if the AC system is too far from the drain a normal plastic tube won’t be enough to extract the water. Alternatively if the level of the drain sink is higher than the level where the plastic tube discharging the water then you will still need a condensate pump to help draining the water out and keep the AC system (of furnace, or boiler) working at the maximum efficiency.

We found an useful video on YouTube that can further explain the reason why having a condensate pump is a MUST most of the times. Enjoy it!

We have also prepared an article explaining how to install a condensate pump.