Little Giant VCMA-15ULS Review

The Little Giant is a very trustworthy name when it comes to finding reliable and durable condensate pumps. These pumps cater all the requirements of people that range from removing huge amounts of water or pumping out the condensate from pool cover and aquariums. The company has a vast experience of manufacturing and designing utility pumps for a wide number of tasks. They have already gotten to the level of perfection by creating these kinds of pumps. There are numerous Little Giant Condensate Pumps that help us in resolving a lot of complicated tasks that we face in our routine life.

Little Giant- VCMA 15ULS ReviewWhen the water is flown out of the air conditioner’s backside, one sometimes really gets angry particularly if the air conditioner has been installed in a room that is away of an outer wall. In such a time, all that is required by an individual is a Little Giant pump, because it is just an ideal solution for such types of situations. It automatically starts throwing out water. This pump offers 1/30 horsepower motor and it is able to pump 70 gallons of water every hour at 5 feet. It also has a float switch which manages the level of water. This Float switch in the condensate pump automatically triggers the pump when an extreme point is touched and will also mechanically switch it off while it is at the least point. It is also with a thermal switching system, which avoids the overheating in the condensate pump.

The company, Little Giant has been the all-time forerunner in designing the condensate pump. It has introduced a new generation of VCMA Series of which a couple of products are discussed above. The series has added advanced features for every type of installation. Most of condensate pumps in series are fully automatic with new float arm for improved reliability. Especially there is VCMA-15ULS, which is appropriate for gas-furnace, high-efficiency condensation. It has 3 drain holes that are with 8.7 PSI and 20 ft. shut off head. This condensate pump is able to drive 50 GPH to 5 feet. It offers intermittent liquid Temperature of up to 120 degree Fahrenheit. With VCMA-15ULS, Little Giant once again shows the state-of-the-art in a pump design. Some of more features of products are below:

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Flow (GPH): 65 GPH
  • Total Head (ft.): 15
  • HP: 1/60
  • Volts: 115
  • Discharge Port (in.): 3/8
  • Suction Lift (ft.): 5
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
  • Power Cord (ft.): 6

The pumps in Little Giant VCMA Series are perfect for detecting, collecting, and the spontaneous removal of condensate from condensing boilers, de-humidifiers, air conditioning equipment, high competence furnaces, and other such equipment where it is needed to have an automatic drain pump. The VCMA-15ULS from the VCMS series offers a pump switch, a pump shaft (stainless steel), a 3/8’’ barbed check valve (removable), a 1/50 HP motor (high performance) and a 6’ power cord with thermal surplus defense. The pump also offers ABS motor cover, an ABS tank, and ABS volute. Along with check valve, VCMA-15ULS condensate pumps (with a release head of 1 foot) 65 GPH. The tank of the pump has a volume of 0.5 gallon.