Little Giant VCMA-20ULS Review

As most of the other condensate pumps belonging to the VCMA Series the Little Giant VCMA-20ULS is ideal for the automatic removal of condensate from air conditioning equipment, de-humidifiers, high efficiency furnaces, condensing boilers, and other equipment where an automatic drain pump is required. This is also one of the most popular condensate pump currently available on the market.

The VCMA-20ULS features a stainless steel pump shaft, a snap-action pump switch, a removable 3/8 inch barbed check valve, a 6 foot power cord, and a 1/30 horsepower high performance motor with thermal overload protection. The pump also features an ABS tank, ABS motor cover, ABS volute and there is also an accommodation where you can attach a low voltage alarm if the unit ever does fail.

Little Giant VCMA 20ULS Review

When combined with the included check valve and with a discharge head of one foot the VCMA-20ULS can pumps up to 80 GPH. This is 15 GPH more than the VCMA-15ULS and therefore is recommended in those situation where you need more power. In fact the “20″ in the model number stands for the head pressure, meaning it will pump “UP” to 20 feet (head pressure). However the VCM-15ULS model is great also,does about the same job,and a little bit cheaper.
The tank installed for this pump has a has a capacity of 1/2 gallon as the other in the Little Giant VCMA series.

According to our test this product can pumps 80 gallons per hour, which is a lot.

This pump is excellent value for the money. It is very easy to set up (you don’t need to be very handy for this) and to use, also very quiet when it runs. Shipping of this product is usually prompt when bought via Amazon or other big retailers on the internet.

When purchasing this pump you should also consider to purchase the extra plastic Little Giant CV-10 Check Valve
with it for around $6.00 or less.

The check valve that arrives with the pump would in fact allow the water in the plastic 3/8″ pipe with around 7 feet of head in it, to drain slowly back into the tank and not maintain a seal. Replacing the included check vale with the CV-10 model works a lot better with the pump duty cycle much reduced and being 110volt saves a bit of electricity every day. This is well worth the extra $6.00 dollars spent in this accessory.

We highly recommend this condensate pump. Check it out on Amazon for the best price available and fastest delivery: