Little Giant Condensate and Sump Pumps

Little Giant Condensate and Sump PumpsLittle Giant is a very trustworthy brand name when it comes to finding reliable and durable sump pumps and condensate pumps. These pumps cater all the requirements of people that range from removing huge amounts of water or pumping out the condensate from pool cover and aquariums. This is definitely one of the best brands on the market and their products are very durable and reliable.

The company has a vast experience of manufacturing and designing utility pumps for a wide number of tasks and they have already gotten to the level of perfection by creating these kinds of pumps. There are numerous Little Giant condensate and sump pumps that help us in resolving a lot of complicated tasks that we face in our routine life.  Utilizing these is also very simple.

This is also an made in US company founde in 1941 and based in Oklahoma City. From their main web site:

“Little Giant Pump Company, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supplies self-contained electric motor-driven submersible pumps for water transfer applications. The company’s products include automatic drainage pumps for the removal of condensate water from air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; wastewater, sump, effluent, sewage, dewatering/trash, condensate, pool cover, aquarium, and utility pumps; and low pressure sewer systems, water garden pumps, and replacement parts.

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It also manufactures submersible drainage and magnetic drive chemical pumps; submersible pumps for industrial equipment; and products for garden ponds and decorative fountains. The company’s pumps are used to automatically drain water from dehumidifiers, condensing heaters, furnace burners, and boilers. It sells its products through a network of representatives in the United States and internationally. …”

It should be noted that despite their products are still selling very good the company (as of April 21, 2006) operates as a subsidiary of Franklin Electric Co. Inc.

Their old web site, located at, is not available. Clicking on that link will redirect to the Franklin Electric web site.

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